Introducing the Graviton2 by Amazon

Is the Graviton2 ready to replace your primary Intel and AMD EC2 workloads? Depending on your needs, it might just be a wise investment. Read the article below to find out more.

JUN 14, 2020

Introducing the Graviton2 by Amazon

AWS has announced the general availability of the Graviton2 Processors. AWS describes this generation as follows:

AWS Graviton2 processors deliver a major leap in performance and capabilities over first-generation AWS Graviton processors. They power Amazon EC2 M6g, C6g, and R6g instances that provide up to 40% better price performance over comparable current generation x86-based instances for a wide variety of workloads, including application servers, micro-services, high-performance computing, electronic design automation, gaming, open-source databases, and in-memory caches.

Combined with reserved pricing, savings plans, or spot instances, this configuration can be extremely affordable. Do your due diligence but if you see that your workloads are performing as good or better than the other options, by all means, it’s time to jump ship.

Comparing Costs

When comparing on-demand general purpose workloads between M1, M3, and M6G, there are considerable savings with the Graviton2 processors.

Taking a look at region US West (Oregon), the on-demand cost savings can be significant. For example a M1 General Purpose Medium instance (m1.medium) which has 3.75 GiB of memory and 1 vCPU, carries a cost of $762.12. a M3 General Purpose Medium instance (m3.medium) which has 3.75 GiB of memory and 1 vCPU, carries a cost of $586.92. Finally, the M6G Medium (m6g.medium) instance has 4 GiB of memory adn 1 VCPU, carrying a cost of only $337.26.

The M6G therefore offers substantial savings over the M1 (125.97% more) and M3 (74.03% more) configuration options.

Final Thoughts

Because of how new this option is, the Graviton 2 processors requires further testing against your planned workloads.

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