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2021-2022 Innovation of the Year Award Winner: Maricopa Community Colleges

Academic and Student Success Integrated Support Technology (ASSIST)

Academic and Student Success Integrated Support Technology (ASSIST) enables Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) to affordably deliver high-quality, timely, accessible, and informed service to all students. No single product exists in the marketplace to serve students throughout their entire journey and across multiple service areas with everything needed to support their success. Pricing models make broad adoption of these tools too expensive. Further, deciding who gets the technology due to the cost creates inequities in terms of which students get optimized service.

ASSIST allows MCCCD to avoid these costs and improve service; automate communication; analyze data; and facilitate adoption, training, and support. Use of the ASSIST platform means that MCCCD can now afford to equip all of its student services staff with access to powerful technology that enables them to provide effective support throughout the student lifecycle and improve success with the option to replicate these solutions at other colleges in the U.S.

Maricopa Community College District Representation

Mrs. Michele Agostinelli

Program Director, Maricopa Community College District

Mrs. Lori Lindenberg

District Director Enterprise Analytics & Strategy, Maricopa Community College District

Mr. Brent Wickham

Director, Information Technology, Maricopa Community College District

Industry Partners

Mr. Joseph Licata

Founder and CEO, Canyon GBS

Dr. Mark Koan

SVP, Strategic Partnerships, Canyon GBS

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