AI Personal Assistant for Student Service Teams

We are so excited about our new generative AI solution for student service teams. Designed from the ground up to be a secure solution for student data, our conversational AI assistant helps student service professional with their daily responsibilities.


Our AI Solution

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be a game-changer for student support professionals, but the complex landscape of state, federal, and international security and data privacy regulations means popular AI services are off-limits. We offer the first highly specialized, industry-specific conversational AI assistant that is not only data-secure but also meticulously auditable.


If this recent study holds true for your college or university, with just 100 users in Advising App™, you stand to save $840,000 in productivity gains annually by using our generative AI personal assistant feature.*

* The above estimate assumes that the average employee has a cost of $60,000/year (fully encumbered), and that your college sees the 14% productivity increase as was recently demonstrated in the HBR study referenced.

HBR Study Shows Customer Service Teams Can Gain 14% in Productivity with a Generative AI Personal Assistant.

Stanford and MIT recently completed a study published in the Harvard Business Review of 5,200 customer support agents who were given a Generative AI personal assistant, just like the one found within our product, and determined that the tool and found that a conversational assistant led to a 14% increase in productivity and monthly agent attrition dropped by 9%.


The potential ways that generative AI can help your student service professionals are endless. Here are some places for you to get started!

Research Tasks
Draft Communication
Language Translation
Content Creation
Proof Reading/Editing
Project Planning
Student Profile Analysis

What would a 14% productivity increase do for your workforce at your college or university?

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